Issue #158


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Fernanda Camargo

Video Interview with Pro Diva Fitness
Fernanda Camargo

Fernanda Camargo, Tina Jo Orban, Amanda Houk & Ashley Godfrey

Tank Top Ready Triceps
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Megan Bachelder



Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold came and went and now the fitness world has even more shows than before. More pro shows in Europe as well! The one problem is quality.

Not to knock off on bikini (we can knock off men's physique) as they have some very good looking women and some of them are very sexy as well. But overall the majority are not as fit as a figure competitor or women's physique. This has caused that photographers now only focus on a few women from the bikini category leaving a huge overall that photographers don't want to photograph. The fans are looking either for good muscle or a lot of sexiness. If you don't have either of this you won't be able to be as successful. Just because you have 1 million followers it don't mean they will spend each $30 on calendar or merchandise. The reality is very few models even make a living out of this, its usually a good side income, but your lifestyle won't be lavish, will be better than the hot girl who doesn't model but that is all. Its much harder now to go out and travel for shows for this reason, the lack of quality is a problem. When you shoot in a regular bikini everyone else has done it so it won't sell specially if your social media has it. Now if you shoot something sexier and sell that as a product then yes fans will want to buy it. Rarely is this simple principle of supply and demand used by models. Thus many of them that are instamodels don't realize they aren't financially making money.

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