Issue #164


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Crystal Cooper

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Crystal Cooper

Crystal Cooper, Casey Oliver, Alicia Melelani, Brittany Rice & Andy Borneman

Should you train your QL specifically?
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Pro Figure Thais Werner


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Another year just completed, 2019 is here and the fitness industry is stronger and stronger. Perhaps a bit modified and not as much quality as before but for sure there are more people in it. 2018 was a good one, busy but also did see some shows decline in quality. Specially the Olympia, finally not having a good number of booths due price and lack of interest.

The Arnold is still staying strong, but there is bigger areas for events non bodybuilding related which makes one think the fitness industry is changing big time. With social media, nowadays you don't really need to be at an expo. We sell a print calendar and there is a interest for fans to get a photo and autograph with the ladies that can't happen online. Supplement companies can have demos at local supplement store and get all fans a taste of their samples.

Let's see how 2019 goes!


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