Issue #167


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Haley Halverson

Haley Halverson, Heather Bonamie, Hayley Nasby, Megan Patrick & Tricia Sherrick

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by Tina Jo Orban


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

International shows you should compete in them?

Back in the day it was only the world champions in the IFBB that you could attend outside of USA to get a pro card. But strangely the NPC never wanted to participate perhaps as the federation had to pay for expenses and they just didn't simply want to. Other federations would pay for flight and hotel but no in the USA, NPC would always avoid this show for whatever reason. It signaled a tear in the IFBBs the USA one and the Spanish one but that is another story.

Competing in another country in some federations for USA competitors might be a good idea, almost all federations have some type of control of standards with judging. Meaning they will have their selected judges judge such a show. But nowadays with so many shows it is easier to get the less powerful judges that may not have the agenda the federations has. So in short its a good idea to travel and spend more money on international show. Yes there are inconveniences but you can maybe get on that Olympia stage faster.

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