Alex Galvez NPC Figure

How did you get interested in bodybuilding/working out?

I grew up in a large family and all of us kids were very active. As I got older, my desire to push my own personal envelope in every aspect of my life became very prevalent. I joined Golds since friends and family trained there and immediately became motivated to see how far I could push my body. Each year I exceed my objectives and thought my only limiting factor is ME. Then of course the itch to stand amongst my peers in competition got me hooked!!

How was your first show like, any interesting experiences?

My first show was the NPC Sacramento. I was very nervous since I did not know what to expect backstage. I was not nervous regarding my condition, shape, and presentation skills; in this regard I was very ready and anxious. I was a bit intimidated and this may have shown on stage I did not place as highly as I would have hoped but learned that my greatest fears about competition were mostly in my mind. After this show I knew I had a future here and felt I belonged!

What do you like and dislike about competing?

What I like the most is the process of getting ready. Those grueling 12 -16 weeks of pre-contest preparation show you what kind of resolve you have and just how far and hard you can push. Honestly, it is exhilarating! Sort of like reaching the top of Mt. Everest and knowing you are at the top of your world. My dislikes are few . . . once in awhile a competitor can be something less then cordial or professional. I know nerves can do that to us!! Sometimes the shows can be a bit long which is hard on competitors. All in all, I have to say there is a tremendous amount of positive experience.

What are your future goals in this industry?

Future goals for this industry are to earn my PRO CARD. This will be a dream come true and one I have and will continue to work very hard for. Once I have PRO status, I will continue to push my personal envelope. Since the competition is so good, this challenge will be the greatest one yet!! On a personal level, I will always maintain health and good fitness. I enjoy giving back, helping others learn to push their envelopes!!

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

The FOR SURES are: I will still be going to the gym and pursuing good health and fitness, I will continue to have a professional career and push that particular envelope, and I will still have my 2 lovely dogs to raise and care for. There are other critical life-objectives I have but they are in the personal category and therefore personal!!

Please tell us something special about you that most people wouldn't know?

Please tell us something special about you most people wouldn't know? I think you can tell how important pursuing certain life challenges is to me ' fitness competition, my career, personal goals, etc. This is a core ingredient to my being. I am positive about life and especially my own life which I have control over. I have been in places growing up that could have sucked me in to a world where hope, ambition, and drive weren't acceptable but I found my way and know others can too. Whatever we can dream, we can do. Whatever we can hope for, we can achieve. This is me.

Any additional notes? People you would like to thank?

I am passionate about what I do. I feel in this life if you are not passionate about what you are doing (regardless of what it is, except taxes), then why are you doing it? Life is short but can be so rewarding, it's up to us. I am thankful to my lovely dogs, Rio and Samson. They are always there for me, unconditionally. They keep me grounded. My brother Carlos has always been a rock for me, he keeps me focused and has been one hell of a good brother and fan he is my best friend. My friend, trainer, and life'coach Kevin. Who has always believed in me and been there to push me and keep me focused and on track. Kevin, knows my body both in a conditional aspect and mental frame of mind. Without Kevin I wouldn't be where I am today. Kevin, shares my dream and passion of one day earning my Pro Card. Kevin is not only my trainer but a very dear friend that I trust and respect. Last but not least I want to also thank my boyfriend Robert for always being there during those months of dieting, and training. It's been a difficult road but we have managed to make it through it all. Thank you babe for cooking for me while I'm dieting, thank you for applying coats after coats of Pro Tan and making sure I don't step on stage unless my color is flawless. Not to mention those days that you push me to run bleachers in the hot sun. I wouldn't of done it without you.

Competition History:
-Sacramento Show 2003 7th place
-Excalibur 2003 1st and Overall
-Contra Costa 2004 4th place
-Cal. 2004 4th place
-Jr. Nationals 2005 2nd place (figure Class A)
-Team U 2005 7th place (figure Class A)

Alex Galvez

Date of Birth: 3/27
Born/Grew up in: California
Current Residence: San Jose, CA
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'1 3'4
Weight: off-season 128 129 Contest 116 - 117
Current Occupation: HR Manager
Favorite Hobby: Working out
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, R & B,
Best Bodypart: My glutes and back
Years Training: 10 years



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