Bethany Howlett IFBB Fitness Pro

How did you get interested in bodybuilding/working out?

I was an elite level gymnast from the age of three having trained for fifteen years and tried out for the Olympics.

How was your first show like, any interesting experiences?

I won the entire show including best poser and then realized that the sport is nothing more than a hobby that allows you to place your trophies on your shelves next to the gymnastics, cheerleading, singing, track, etc. trophies from childhood.

What do you like and dislike about competing?

Competing is nothing more than a glorified hobby with no financial options or future security. I compete because I enjoy fitness and am a very competitive individual.

What are your future goals in this industry?

I assume you mean the fitness industry as unfortunately the IFBB looks to have very weak future indeed. I will have my series of four fitness books out in 2005 for the mainstream as they will be available on As far as competing with the IFBB anymore.......seriously and severely doubt it.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Being the CEO of an INC. 500 company ranked in the top ten companies of the United States, as well as a major share holder in top D.C. city real estate properties as well as with a few decathlon titles under my belt.

Please tell us something special about you that most people wouldn't know?

I am a member of MENSA and have an IQ that is well above genius. I hold four degrees with the highest being a master's degree in advanced genetic molecular biology and am working on my fifth and sixth degrees right now, an executive MBA and a doctorate MBA. I also sing opera in eight languages and am fluent in Spanish.

Any additional notes? People you would like to thank?

My Lord and Saviour for blessing me so very much.

Competition History:

-2002 Jan Tana Fitness Pro 20th Place
-2002 Southwestern USAs Fitness Pro 15th Place
-2002 IFBB Slovakia Fitness 12th Place
-2002 New York Pro fitness Show 20th place
-2001 2001 Pittsburgh Pro Fitness Classic Fitness 19th place
-2001 2001 Jan Tana Pro Fitness Classic 11th place
-2000 2000 NPC Team Universe Pro Qualifier 2nd Place
-2000 2000 NPC USAs Fitness Tall Class 7th Place
-2000 The Monica Brant Fitness Classic* 2nd Place
-1999 NPC Nationals Fitness Tall Class 15th Place
-1999 NPC Europa Fitness Extravaganza* 1st Place Overall
-1999 NPC USAs 10th Place
-1999 NPC Jan Tana* 2nd Place
-1998 NPC Collegiate Nationals* Women's Open Heavyweight 1st Place Overall
-1998 NPC Junior Nationals* Women's Open Heavyweight 5th Place
-1997 NPC Virginia/D.C. State Women's Open Heavyweight 1st Place Overall

Bethany Howlett

Date of Birth: 11.03.1977
Born/Grew up in: McLean, Virginia a suburb of Washington, D.C.
Current Residence: McLean, Virginia
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Current Occupation: Vertical Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 Medical/IT Company
Favorite Hobby: Fitness Activities, Golf, Triathlons, Decathlons, Performing Opera, Real Estate
Favorite Food: Chilian Sea Bass with Russian Caviar on top
Favorite Music: Classical 16th century Italian arias to perform, jazz for relaxing, hip hop for training
Best Bodypart: Legs/Glutes/Calves
Years Training: 8 years



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