Tamee Marie NPC Figure

How did you get interested in bodybuilding/working out?

My husband got me back into the gym after years of taking time off from gymnastics. I started gymnastics when I was 3 until my senior year in high school. After I stopped gymnastics I stopped working out and didn't like how soft my body got. When I met my husband he was really into working out and re-introduced me to lifting weights. I've been addicted ever since.

How was your first show like, any interesting experiences?

Not really. I've always wanted to compete but just never set my eyes on a date or never got serious with the diet. Finally I decided to do the Carol Semple Classic in Denver last December and was shocked at the amount of girls that were there. They don't joke around in Denver when it comes to the quality of the competitors. I placed 4th in the tall and have been in love with the sport since.

What do you like and dislike about competing?

I love how we all have the same mind set when it comes to staying fit. It's great to be surrounded by girls who understand each other and understand why we all put ourselves through so much. I really haven't found anything I dislike, but then again I'm new to this.

What are your future goals in this industry?

I am going to keep trying to put on more size and come back to each show a little better. If I can do that, I will be extremely happy with myself. Ultimately, I would love to turn pro, but then again who wouldn't?

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Doing the same thing I am now, but with a few more wrinkles and hopefully a few more kids.

Please tell us something special about you that most people wouldn't know?

My daughter will be 2 in September and I'd love to have three more just like her.

Any additional notes? People you would like to thank?

My husband for putting up with all this craziness. My daughter for loving mommy through her grouchiness. My parents for being so supportive over the years. Stephanie, for pushing me everyday, and always being so honest. My job for putting up with the stinky eggs and stinky tuna every single day.

Competition History:
-Carol Semple Classic 2004 4th tall
-Jr. Nationals 2005 15th tall
-Carol Semple Classic 2005 1st place Tall Class/Novice Class and Overall

Tamee Marie

Date of Birth: 2/29 yes leap year baby
Born/Grew up in: Orange County California, grew up in San Diego
Current Residence: Omaha Nebraska, Don't ask!
Marital Status: Married for almost 5 years been together for almost 10 years
Height: 5'9
Weight: Off season 143 contest 135
Current Occupation: Sales Rep for Dental Supplies
Favorite Hobby: I love to work out and spend time with my daughter
Favorite Food: Mexican food!!!
Favorite Music: Pink, she rocks!
Best Bodypart: My abs
Years Training: 5 years for fun and 2 for competition

Email: TameeMarie@cox.net

Website: TameeMarie.com

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