Issue #166


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Vanessa Dominguez

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Vanessa Dominguez

Vanessa Dominguez, Michelle Williams, Allyssa Robbins, Cristina Rifo & Fiona Sarah Faith

How Quicker Recovery Means Accelerated Gains
by Tina Jo Orban


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold come and gone, great lineup we had and looking forward to Olympia. There are new cool things coming up, might be picking up some athletes for sponsorship, will keep everyone updated.

Quick comment on the passing of Emeri Connery, very sad and had seen her at Arnold weekend stop by our booth. The media has released her cousin shot her and then commited suicide. For what we know investigation is closed but the motive is still at large. We won't know until later. Rest in peace Emeri!

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